Kajira of Gor

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Das Buch Kajira of Gor ist der neunzehnte Band der Chronicles of Counter-Earth von John Norman. Die deutsche Übersetzung ist Kajira von Gor vom Heyne-Verlag.


  1. The Studio
  2. The Crate
  3. Corcyrus
  4. A Night In Corcyrus
  5. Miles Of Argentum; Drusus Rencius Speculates On What I Might Bring As A Slave; I Have Obtained Greater Freedoms
  6. The Sirik
  7. Bracelets
  8. I Have Been In The House Of Kliomenes; The Room In The Inn Of Lysias; War
  9. I Determine To Take Cognizance In The City
  10. I Have Taken Cognizance In Corcyrus; We Are Returning To The Palace
  11. Susan Has Been Beaten; Ligurious Speaks With Me; There Is Nothing To Fear; I Am Safe In The Palace
  12. I Sit Upon The Throne; I Wait In The Hall
  13. The Golden Cage; Miles Of Argentum Speaks With Me
  14. The Camp Of Miles Of Argentum; Two Men
  15. Alarm Bars
  16. I Am On The Viktel Aria, In The Vicinity Of Venna
  17. The Stone Platform
  18. The Leash
  19. The Trunk
  20. The Stream; The Stone
  21. The Road
  22. The Wagon; Caught!
  23. The Chain
  24. The Mill
  25. I Leave The Mill
  26. I Must Get Up Early For School
  27. School
  28. School; I Have Graduated
  29. Hassan, The Slave Hunter
  30. Sheila, The Tatrix Of Corcyrus
  31. Argentum
  32. The Throne Room
  33. The Inquiry; The Outcome Of The Inquiry; I Am The Slave Of Miles Of Argentum
  34. Ligurious Is Served By Two Slaves
  35. I Am Proven A Natural Slave Before Drusus Rencius, Whom I Love; The Silver Tarsk
  36. In The Quarters Of My Master
  37. Afterword



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