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Das Buch Marauders of Gor ist der neunte Band der Chronicles of Counter-Earth von John Norman. Die deutschen Übersetzungen sind Die Marodeure von Gor vom Heyne-Verlag und Die Chroniken von Gor 9 - Die Marodeure vom Basilisk-Verlag.


  1. The Hall
  2. The Temple Of Kassau
  3. I Make The Acquaintance Of Ivar Forkbeard And Book Passage On His Ship
  4. The Forkbeard And I Return To Our Game
  5. Feed Her On The Gruel Of Bond-Maids
  6. Ivar Forkbeard's Long Hall
  7. The Kur
  8. Hilda Of Scagnar
  9. The Forkbeard Will Attend The Thing
  10. A Kur Will Address The Thing
  11. The Torvaldsberg
  12. Ivar Forkbeard Introduces Himself To Svein Blue Tooth
  13. Visitors In The Hall Of Svein Blue Tooth
  14. The Forkbeard And I Depart From The Hall Of Svein Blue Tooth
  15. On The Height Of The Torvaldsberg
  16. The War Arrow
  17. Torvaldslanders Visit The Camp Of Kurii
  18. What The Occurred In The Camp Of The Kurii
  19. The Note
  20. What Occurred On The Skerry Of Vars
  21. I Drink To The Honor Of Tyros
  22. I Take Ship From The North



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