Magicians of Gor

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Das Buch Magicians of Gor ist der fünfundzwanzigste Band der Chronicles of Counter-Earth von John Norman. Die deutsche Übersetzung ist Die Zauberer von Gor vom Heyne-Verlag.


  1. The Street
  2. The Tent
  3. The Camp
  4. Within Ar
  5. Outside The Gate
  6. The Public Boards
  7. Ar Is Liberated
  8. The Wall
  9. The Plaza Of Tarns
  10. The Sword Is Thirsty
  11. The Delka
  12. The Countries Of Courage
  13. A Difference Seems Afoot In Ar
  14. In The Vicinity Of The Public Boards
  15. Fire
  16. In The Vicinity Of The Teiban Market
  17. Magic
  18. Our Wallets Are In Order
  19. The Field Slave
  20. The Slave Will Obey
  21. I Receive The Report Of A Slave
  22. My Plans Proceed
  23. A Message Is To Be Delivered
  24. Staffs And Chains
  25. Bracelets And Shackles
  26. A Free Woman; A Female Slave
  27. We Take Our Leave
  28. The Room



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