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Das Buch Kur of Gor ist der achtundzwanzigste Band der Chronicles of Counter-Earth von John Norman. Der Band wurde bisher nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt.


Prolegomena to the Tale
  1. The Tale Begins
  2. The Disruption, And What Occurred Shortly Thereafter
  3. The Stall
  4. The Interlocutor
  5. The Steel World
  6. A Conversation With Grendel
  7. Cabot Learns Something Of Agamemnon, The Eleventh Face Of The Nameless One
  8. An Interview With Agamemnon, The Eleventh Face Of The Nameless One
  9. Cabot Renews His Acquaintance With A Blonde
  10. Cabot Renews His Acquaintance With The Former Miss Pym
  11. It Is Like A Tavern
  12. The Game World
  13. What Occurred In The Forest
  14. The Forest Seems Quiet
  15. How Kaissa Came To The Forest
  16. The Defile
  17. How The Hunt Turned Out
  18. The Ledge
  19. The Intervention Of The Steel Larl
  20. The Trial
  21. What Occurred In The Arena
  22. Paga
  23. What Occurred In A Glade
  24. What Occurred Later In The Glade
  25. The Stray
  26. A Slave Will Be Put In A Collar, As Is Appropriate
  27. Cabot Has Delayed His Departure, Upon The Advice Of Peisistratus
  28. The Seeking Of Grendel
  29. A Saurian Is Encountered
  30. A Slave Learns More Of Gor
  31. Rubies
  32. Cabot Receives Guests
  33. A Return To The Habitat Is Contemplated
  34. The Storm; The Cave
  35. Lita Returns To The Cave
  36. Cabot Leaves The Cave; He Is Accompanied By A Shapely Beast Of Burden
  37. The Encountering Of Small Camps
  38. The Place of War
  39. What Occurred In The Afternoon
  40. What Occurred In The Evening
  41. The Sleen
  42. The Ramp; The Ladder
  43. In The Vicinity Of The Slaughter Bench
  44. The Insurrection Is Not Yet Quelled; A Kur Female Is Encountered; Statius
  45. The Lady Bina Desires To Make Herself Useful
  46. Darkness Encroaches; A Plan Is Formed
  47. How The Tarns Of Victory Came To Surmount The Standards Of Agamemnon
  48. The Amnesty
  49. Tracks
  50. The Hand Of Agamemnon Is Played, But Perhaps Not Wisely
  51. A Cave Is Found Empty
  52. Small Camps Have Been Found Abandoned
  53. Return To Camp; A Surprise; A Mystery
  54. There Is COnverse In A Rebel Camp
  55. What Occurred On The Plain
  56. What Occurred Within The Vale Of Destruction
  57. What Occurred In The Camp Of Lord Grendel
  58. Cabot Contemplates A Rendezvous
  59. A Rendezvous Takes Place
  60. The Ways Of Kur
  61. A Stability Of Positions; The Report Of Flavion; The Accosting Of The Lady Bina; A Reference To Omens
  62. The Conversation In The Redoubt
  63. What Took Place In The Field
  64. Thoughts Behind Thoughts
  65. The Delegation Returns
  66. Winter Has Been Arranged; Time Has Run Out
  67. Cabot's Journey; An Acquaintance Is Renewed
  68. An Encounter In The Forest
  69. Cabot Will Hunt; First, He Will Feast
  70. Flavion
  71. A Destination Is Approached
  72. The Treachery Of Flavion
  73. There Will Be An Institution Of Festivals
  74. An Earth Female Finds Herself Kept In A Slave Cage; Feasts, Festivals, And Agons; A Slave Is To Be Taken Into The Forest
  75. A Slave's Scent Is Taken; An Earth Woman Is Tortured By Her Needs, And Understands The Meaning Of This; No Fire Has Been Made
  76. The Forest Camp
  77. What Occurred Later In The Forest Camp
  78. A Conversation Takes Place Between Two Ankle-Chained Slaves; Some Account Is Given Of Lord Grendel's Meeting With The Kur, Flavion
  79. The Litany; Cecily Better Learns Her Collar, At The Discipline Post; The Feast; Cecily Dances; Some Account Of What Later Occurred Between A Master And His Slave
  80. They Will Soon To The Tables
  81. Departure



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