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Das Buch Explorers of Gor ist der dreizehnte Band der Chronicles of Counter-Earth von John Norman. Die deutsche Übersetzung ist Die Erforscher von Gor vom Heyne-Verlag.


  1. I Talk With Samos
  2. I Attend The Market Of Vart
  3. What Occurred On The Way To The Pier Of The Red Urt; I Hear The Ringing Of An Alarm Bar
  4. I Recapture An Escaped Slave; I Book Passage On A Ship For Schendi
  5. We Ply Toward Schendi
  6. Schendi
  7. The Market Of Uchafu
  8. What Occurred In The Golden Kailiauk
  9. I Decide To Change My Lodgings
  10. I Make Inquiries Of Kipofu, Who Is Ubar Of The Beggards Of Schendi
  11. Shaba
  12. Business Is Discussed In Schendi; I Acquire A New Girl
  13. I Return To The Golden Kailiauk
  14. A Girl Becomes More Beautiful; I Must Take My Leave Of Sasi
  15. Msaliti And I Are Tricked By Shaba; What Occurred Outside The Headquarters Of Msaliti And Shaba
  16. Kisu
  17. Msaliti Has Formed A Plan
  18. What Occurred When Court Was Held In The Palace Of Grass; I Meet Bila Huruma; A New Plan Must Be Formed
  19. A Basket Of Osts; A Chain Of Gold; The Eyes Of The Ubar
  20. I Do Not Kill Kisu
  21. What I Saw One Night In The Marsh, While I Was Chained In The Rogues' Cage
  22. I Continue To Dig In The Canal
  23. Escape; Kisu Pays A Call On Tende
  24. We Obtain A Canoe; Kisu Makes Tende A Slave
  25. We Reach The Sill; I Am Not Pleased With A Slave
  26. We Enter Upon The Ua; We Hear Drums
  27. The Fishing Village; A Slave Begs To Be Touched; Ayari Acquires Information
  28. The Box In The River
  29. Bark Cloth And Beads
  30. We Make Further Progress Upon The River
  31. We Stop To Trade; The Admissions Of A Slave
  32. Female Display Behaviors; A Slave Girl's Dream; Bark Cloth And Beads
  33. What We Saw From The Height Of The Falls; Tende Dances; We Enter Again Upon The River; I Anticipate The Surrender Of The Blond-Haired Barbarian
  34. The Blond-Haired Barbarian Dances; What Occurred In The Rain Forest Between A Master And His Slave
  35. The Squabbles Of Slaves
  36. Wreckage; Again We Move Upriver
  37. We Do Not Trade Tende
  38. What Ayari Thought He Saw In The Forest
  39. We Are Not Pursued
  40. Tende Speaks To Kisu
  41. The Net In The River
  42. We Leave A Village At Night
  43. Talunas
  44. The Small Men; Our Camp Has Been Attacked
  45. I Capture The Chief Of The Talunas
  46. The Balance Of The Talunas Have Now Been Captured; I Hear Of The Marchers
  47. The Attack Of The Marchers; We Conclude Our Business In The Village Of The Mamba People
  48. We Acquire Three New Members For Our Party, Two Of Whom Are Slave Girls
  49. There Is To Be War Upon The River; Tende Will Not Be Tied Tonight
  50. The Lake; The Ancient City; We Will Enter The Ancient City
  51. Bila Huruma
  52. The Scribe
  53. The Battle; Blood And Steel; We Survive
  54. We Will Leave The Ancient City
  55. The Explosion; We Leave The Ancient City
  56. What Occurred In Nyundo, The Central Village Of The Ukungu Region



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