Tribesmen of Gor

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Das Buch Tribesmen of Gor ist der zehnte Band der Chronicles of Counter-Earth von John Norman. Die deutschen Übersetzungen sind Die Stammeskrieger von Gor vom Heyne-Verlag und Die Chroniken von Gor 10 - Die Tahari vom Basilisk-Verlag.


  1. The Hall Of Samos
  2. The Streets Of Tor
  3. Do Not Participate In What Occurs In A Courtyard; I Recover A Silver Tarsk
  4. Riders Join The Caravan Of Farouk
  5. What Occurred In The Palace Of Suleiman Pasha
  6. A Slave Girl Testifies
  7. Am Informed Of The Pits Of Klima; An Escape Is Arranged
  8. I Become Guest Of Hassan The Bandit
  9. Zina, A Beautiful Traitress Is Dealt With In The Fashion Of The Tahari
  10. Hassan Departs From The Oasis Of Two Scimitars
  11. Red Rock, Where Salt Is Shared; Hassan And I Encounter Tarna
  12. What Occured In Tarna's Kasbah; Hassan And I Decide To Take Our Leave From That Place
  13. An Acquaintance Is Renewed
  14. The March To Klima
  15. T'Zshal
  16. Hassan And I Agree To Accompany T'Zshal
  17. What Occurred In The Pit
  18. I Retrieve A Bit Of Silk; We Enter The Desert
  19. The Wind Blows From The East; We Encounter A Kur
  20. The Kur Will Re-Enter The Dune Country; I Accompany Him
  21. What Occurred In The Dune Country
  22. I Obtain Kaiila
  23. I Make The Acquaintance Of Haroun, High Pasha Of The Kavars
  24. I Bind A Girl, Reserving Her For Myself, I The Address Myself To The Duties Of Steel
  25. The Second Kasbah Falls; What Was Done To Tarna
  26. The March



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