Fighting Slave of Gor

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Das Buch Fighting Slave of Gor ist der vierzehnte Band der Chronicles of Counter-Earth von John Norman. Die deutsche Übersetzung ist Kampfsklave auf Gor vom Heyne-Verlag.


  1. The Restaurant; The Cab
  2. Syringes
  3. The Lady Gina
  4. Lola And Tela
  5. I Am Taught To Pour Wine; I Am Punished; I Hear Of The Market Of Tima
  6. The Lady Tima
  7. I Am Thrown A Woman
  8. I Am Shamed; I Will Leave The House Of Andronicus
  9. I Am Goods Bound For The Market Of Tima
  10. I Find Myself Slave In The House Of The Lady Tima; I Am Recreation For The Lady Tima, After She Has Finished Her Work
  11. The Room Of Preparation
  12. The Market Of Tima
  13. The Lady Florence; I Encounter A Slave Girl, Whom I Learn Is Owned By Oneander Of Ar
  14. A Mistress Expresses Curiosity As To The Touch Of Men; A Mistress Commands Her Silk Slave To Take Her In His Arms
  15. I Am Beaten; The Mistress Speaks With Me
  16. The Perfume Shop Of Turbus Veminus; I Am Captured
  17. The Lady Melpomene; The Vengeance Of The Lady Melpomene
  18. The Inspection Of The Stable Slaves
  19. Taphris
  20. I Learn That The Mistress Will Have House Guests
  21. The Incubation Shed
  22. The House Guests Of The Lady Florence; The Vengeance Of The Lady Florence; I Am Given A Slave To Sport Kith
  23. A Girl In The Tunnel
  24. Another Girl In The Tunnel
  25. I Fight Krondar, Slave Of Miles Of Vonda; Tarnsmen
  26. I Make The Lady Florence My Prisoner; We Flee Through The Tunnels
  27. I See To It That The Lady Florence Performs For Me
  28. The Ankles Of The Lady Florence Are Not Bound
  29. We Move South; The Tale Told By A Strand Of Hair; I Decide To Prepare The Lady Florence For Slavery
  30. We Resume Our Journey
  31. We Continue Our Way Southward
  32. I Do Not Listen To The Entreaties Of The Lady Florence
  33. We Will Enter The Camp Of Tenalion; The Leash
  34. We Enter The Camp Of Tenalion; I Sell The Lady Florence; I Must Now Search For The Slave, Beverly Henderson



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